Guitar Lesson's in Highlands Ranch

Gary Meyers is accepting students for guitar lessons; all ages and levels.  Every guitar lesson is tailored to the individual and a video re-cap of each guitar lesson is also available.  My contact information and bio is on my website…


Wedding Music Highlands Ranch CO

Gary Meyers - Dirty Flamenco (gypsy flamenco guitarist) is available for booking including Wedding Music Highlands Ranch CO and where ever! The wedding music performed is flamenco and classical. Wedding music needs are great for my style of guitar. I've…

Guitar Tip (3)

Gary Meyers - Dirty Flamenco Guitar Tip: The studying of different musical styles is crucial to overall technique development and the creation of your own sound. So, step out of the box, and learn songs in Jazz, Blues, Classical, Country…

Guitar Tip (2)

Gary Meyers - Dirty Flamenco Guitarist Guitar Tip: The most important thing a guitarist, or any musician, can do is to find a virtuoso in their specialty (classical, rock, flamenco, whatever...) and study with them on an ongoing basis and…

Guitar Tip

Hello... This starts Guitar Tips from Gary Meyers of Dirty Flamenco Today's tip: A key to solid performance begins with practicing. When practicing and learning new material, focus on playing slowly and making sure each note is clearly heard and…

Dirty Flamenco expanding

Dirty Flamenco is expanding and now working on international bookings! Gary has also started incorporating other musicians that consists of guitar, bass, belly dancer and percussion.

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